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iMA in Schools Testimonials

Anne-Marie Hodgkiss is the Membership Officer at the Independent Schools Association, and previously the Head teacher (1997 -2008) at the Princess Helena College (Girls’ Day and Boarding School) Hitchin, Herts.

Anne-Marie recently wrote an article about what happened when iMA was introduced to 200 students and over 50 teachers and staff at Princess Helena.

"I immediately saw the programme’s potential for education and I introduced all staff and sixth from students to iMA as part of their personal and career development.

iMA enriched the school in ways far beyond the initial planned careers support. It:

  • Facilitated learning
  • Gained the attention of students across the ability spectrum
  • Strengthened relationships between teachers and students
  • Provided self understanding to support more effective teaching
  • Enhanced self development supporting more effective career decision making
  • Boosted Morale
  • Enhanced Cooperation"

Now whilst Headmistresses don’t lie, why should you take our word for it? To test interest in the programme it was recently introduced to approximately 90 head teachers at the Independent Schools Associations Autumn Study Conference held in Crewe.

Overall the iMA workshop was rated amongst the top 3 sessions in a conference where 77% of the delegates rated their overall impression of the course as excellent and 21% as very good. Individuals said of the iMA programme:

"iMA was particularly interesting as it can be applied to good effect in most circumstances"

"iMA very interesting and thought-provoking"

"iMA was good fun, but made sense too"

"The programme holds great potential for staff and students in education as well as for employers and employees in the corporate world."

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