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iMA in Business Testimonials

People tell us that they have benefited in each of these vital departments:
  • Family lives
  • The way they spend their days, on the job and off.
  • Income

Here is just a sample:

"This is a fantastic story from David. James, I wish I met you earlier in my life too. After learning about the IMA Language it has made me a better person inside work as well as outside. I now treat people the way they want to be treated and not how I thought they would want to be treated.

My professional life has excelled since we met in 2003, I went from being a salesman to a Sales Manager to a General Sales Manager and now an Area Sales Manager.

I am only 31 years old with a vast array of experience behind me and I feel that if I adopted your strategy long before I actually did then I would be in even more of a senior position than I am now.

As far as my personal life goes, my wife is a high Blue and with my understanding of the language it has helped me in my marriage and made it as strong as ever. Thank you for every thing you have done for me, the story from David is inspirational and made me realise how much I actually owe you."

Tony Doal,
Area Sales Manager,
North London Autotrader

"Not only has iMA revolutionised the way in which I deal with my colleagues but it has also made a huge difference in every aspect of my personal life.

I have more patience with other iMA colour styles now and can make allowances for their different perspectives. I understand the drivers of other colours and this has allowed me to be far more successful and tolerant as a result.

I am able to modify my communication style and have seen an improvement in all my relationships both personal and professional. I cannot stress the usefulness of the principles enough to others; it has improved the way in which I communicate with others and the way in which staff within our organisation communicate with one another which in turn has lead to a more unified and successful work environment."

Tamara Coton

"I'm sure you've heard this countless times but I think it bears repeating. The teams were very engaged and enthused by the morning that you spent with them and "iMA colours" conversations are to be heard constantly within the teams. Those people who couldn't attend (mostly from our Sales Support function) have also taken a real interest in the training.

I thought you may be interested in a quick anecdote from the past couple of days. A member of the Telesales team approached me to discuss her performance against target for the month. Rather than taking her usual (yellow) approach, she'd prepared some statistics and a measurable plan before talking to me because she now knows that I'm a Green!

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Norwich. We look forward to welcoming you back."

David Airey,


"Fantastic feedback! Well done!"

"The training last week was superb, the whole team felt really special as this session was about them as individuals and not about there skills as sales people. Everyone fully took part in the session and what has been great this week is hearing about how they will approach customers in different ways. All in all one of the best training sessions ever."

Joanne Taylor,
General Sales Manager
North East Auto Trader

"Fantastic and insightful training session!"

Paul Kelly,
Field Sales Executive

"I loved every minute"

Dawn Thornton,
Business Services Manager